Carly Shay

Carly Shay

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... an ordinary teenager who just happens to be an internet celebrity. When Carly moved in with her eccentric older brother, Spencer, she expected many unusual things. But what she didn't expect was, after a talent show audition, to suddenly become the star of iCarly, the webcast that has the nation in stitches. It’s tons of fun, if she can make sure the antics only take place in front of the screen. But with her daredevil best friend Sam and her maybe-crush Freddie, all too often Carly ends up with a life that’s way crazier than anything she could have made up for the show.

Personality... outgoing and friendly. In many ways, Carly is your typical high school girl – she likes hanging out with friends, shopping, and going on the occasional adventure. But she’s also very determined. While not one to start conflict, once Carly decides she wants something, she’ll go after it with all her might. Ultimately, though, what matters most to Carly are her friends and family. They might disagree, bicker, and fight, but in the end, they’ll always make up.


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