Max Rockatansky

Max Rockatansky

    Mad Max: Fury Road
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a different world. He was a cop, he had a wife and a daughter. Now they’re dead, and there’s no police force to work for anymore.

Living… moment to moment. In this post-apocalyptic desert, power is in the hands of the warrior gangs locked in an endless battle for resources. Max isn’t in one of those gangs, so unfortunately all he has is his wits. They didn’t do him much good recently, though, and now he’s living as a captive blood donor in the Citadel, an encampment of crazed fighters.

Profession…  survivor.  He used to be a “road warrior searching for a righteous cause,” as he puts it, but now he’s just trying to avoid the jaws of death. He’s a decent shooter, he can drive really well, and he can jury-rig a repair for everything from a giant tanker to a broken bone.

Interests… few. He likes cars, and he’s very possessive of his leather jacket and his sawed-off shotgun. He also is not a fan of the metal mask the Citadel put on him, and he’s very interested in getting free.

Relationship Status… single. Max doesn’t like to make any long-term commitments of any kind. Not to people, not to ideals, not even to locations. You’re either an enemy or a temporary ally.

Challenge… living until tomorrow. He’s managed to escape from the warriors who held him captive, but he ended up trying to take over a truck driven by the intimidating Imperator Furiosa. She’s on a mission to get herself and five former slaves to freedom, and she won’t let him get in her way. So now he’s helping them, even though they’re being chased by three different armies at least.

Personality… pragmatic, capable, and a little crazed. He keeps seeing the ghosts of his dead family and everyone else that he couldn’t save. Until now, he’s been running from everything, just trying to survive, but Furiosa and the girls she’s trying to save strike a chord with him. Although he might not admit it, there’s still a part of him that thinks helping others might be more important than your own life.


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