Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Duloc, the kingdom he rules over. He’s now in want of a wife, and he employs a magic mirror on the wall to find him the fairest princess of them all. Given several promising choices, Farquaad decides on Princess Fiona, who is locked away in a dragon’s keep and requires a hero to rescue her and give her “true love’s first kiss.” Lord Farquaad, a cowardly man himself, has a competition to find a champion to go rescue her on his behalf.

Profession… lord of Duloc. He calls the shots. When he decides to banish all magical fairy tale creatures, a near-genocide erupts. Rewards are given out for turning creatures in, animals are evicted from their homes, and all of these victims are dumped in a swamp in the middle of the forest. That’s very bad news form the swamp’s primary tenant, an ogre named Shrek.

Interests… torture, greed, fancy clothes, and fancy music. If he’s not in his torture chamber cross-examining a gingerbread cookie about the mysterious Muffin Man, Farquaad is reclining in his bed chamber, where his magic mirror keeps him entertained.

Relationship Status… single, but hopefully not for long. He plans to have Princess Fiona rescued and marry her immediately, which will cement his kingdom. Upon her rescue, Fiona is prepared to make this immediate commitment, as it is all she has ever been taught. But things might change before the wedding bells chime and they both declare, “I do.”

Challenge… becoming the true King of Duloc. To do this he needs to marry a princess. Which is more difficult than it may seem—when you throw a determined ogre (Shrek) and a chatty donkey (Donkey) into the mix. His appointed rescuers turn out to be his greatest obstacle in getting what he wants.   

Personality… amoral and self-centered. Lord Farquaad’s set of values doesn’t include friendship and good will. His mind is set on making things look nice, and warding off his own boredom with staging ridiculous musical numbers and enacting cruel statutes, intentionally designed for the suffering of many living things. Nice guy, right?


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