Suicide Squad
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on the verge of a breakdown. June Moone is dealing with a pretty severe identity crisis. She shares her body with 6,000-year-old witch named Enchantress. Though June can generally keep Enchantress in check, sometimes the witch takes control.  

Profession... archeologist, government agent, and evil sorceress. After earning her PhD, Dr. June Moone set out on an archeological dig in South America, where she accidentally unleashed Enchantress. Now that she shares her body with the spirit, June works for intelligence operative Amanda Waller as part of her Task Force X, a team of criminals coerced into helping the government. And with Enchantress’ heart in her possession, Waller hopes to control the evil spirit as well.  

Interests... archeology and ancient cultures.  

Relationship Status... dating Colonel Rick Flag. Waller paired June and Rick together, hoping they would form a relationship that would make it easier to control both of them. Waller’s plan worked and now June and Rick are deeply in love. Unfortunately that means Enchantress can manipulate their relationship to her advantage.  

Challenge... destroying the world  or saving it. Furious that 21st century humans no longer worship hervengeful Enchantress sets about creating a machine that will destroy them. But June Moone would do anything to stop her murderous alter ego, even if it means sacrificing herself.  

Personality... vindictive, manipulative, and power hungry. While June herself is soft-spoken and adventurous, Enchantress is a complete villain. Her powers are seemingly limitless and she manipulates her enemies using psychic abilities that pray upon their weaknesses. She has no empathy for the people she kills and thinks only of gaining more power. 


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