Character Recommendations Based on Edwin Epps

Evie O'Connell The Mummy

A librarian and aspiring Egyptologist, Evie would rather have her own adventures than just read about them

Rogue X-Men Series

Insecure about her isolating powers, but spirited and determined nevertheless

Padme Amidala Star Wars Series

Young but mature queen tasked with combating intergalactic trade disputes

Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas

A nightmare-man with a soft heart and smooth voice

Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Series

Young padawan struggling to uphold the principles of the Jedi

Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands

His deadly hands disguise a gentle heart

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Series

Sage Jedi who doesn't need to say much to teach you a galaxy's worth of wisdom

Jean Grey X-Men Series

Empathetic, compassionate, and scared of her own strength

Peggy Carter Captain America: the First Avenger

A fierce field agent who doesn't suffer fools gladly, especially sexist ones

Magneto X-Men Series

Mutant terrorist willing to assert dominance over humans by any means necessary