X-Men Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as Raven Darkholme with Professor Xavier after her family rejected her mutated form. Her natural form is scaly like a lizard with dark blue skin, but she can shape-shift to take the form of anyone she sees. Her physical mutation has been both a blessing and a curse.

Living… during the Cold War, an era when mutants were first exposed to the world at large. She uses her powers to avoid persecution, taking the form of a regular human. Mystique gains newfound purpose after the CIA asks Professor Xavier and her to find renegade mutants aligned with communists. To accomplish this task, they unite with a crew of powerful mutants on behalf of the free world.

Profession… working with Professor Xavier and the CIA to form a powerful team of mutants.

Interests… connecting with other mutants. Mystique wants to find mutants that are struggling to retain normal lives after their appearances transform.

Relationship Status… single. Mystique has grown up hiding her natural form, and dislikes anyone seeing her that way. Unable to truly love herself, she has not let anyone get close to her romantically. Sadly, when she asks Charles Xavier if he would date her in her mutant form, he rejects her kindly by responding, “You are my oldest friend…”

Challenge… accepting herself. Charles Xavier has not helped her take pride in her appearance. She turns elsewhere for acceptance: Magneto. He appreciates her for who she is, but demands that she join the battle against humanity.

Personality… witty, funny, loyal, caring, clever. Her appearance is a day-to-day struggle. It takes a great deal of her power and focus simply to keep up the appearance of a normal person. Mystique believes that only other mutants will accept her, and slowly starts to turn against the humans who look down on her.


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