X-Men Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… during the Holocaust. He was torn away from his parents in Nazi-occupied Poland. The trauma of separation awakened a latent genetic mutation that enabled him to telekinetically control metal. Although his given name is Erik Lehnsherr, he takes on the alias Magneto.

Living… among is own handpicked team of mutants, calling themselves The Brotherhood of Mutants. Their aim is to rule humanity as a powerful super-race. In stark contrast, Magneto’s old partner Professor Xavier fights for mutant equality. The two old friends are in constant opposition, and the future of the mutant race hangs in the balance.

Profession… leader of The Brotherhood of Mutants. He is the most powerful and wisest of his team.

Interests… revenge, power, domination. Magneto will go to any extreme to achieve his goals. He has no moral dilemmas about the expense of human lives, and plans on launching a large-scale terrorist attack against humanity.

Relationship Status… currently single. He has devoted all of his time to his diabolical plans. However, his new recruit Raven is a beautiful, unique, strong mutant who hangs on his every word.

Challenge… avoid being foiled by Professor Xavier and his group of X-Men, who have trained tirelessly to battle Magneto’s team of villains.

Personality… vengeful, unforgiving, cruel, complex. Magneto has long been involved in the political battle for mutant rights. Even though he was once on the same side as Professor X, Magneto realized that drastic measures needed to be taken to assure mutant safety worldwide.


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