X-Men Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as Marie D’Ancanto. She had a relatively normal upbringing in Mississippi until she entered high school and scored a boyfriend. Her powers activated one day when she was making out with him, and inadvertently absorbed his life force. Rouge is forever cursed to sap the life out of anyone she touches.

Living… on the road in Canada. She travels alone, unable to return to her family or make real (physical or emotional) connections with people. Then she stumbles upon Wolverine in a bar. When he reveals himself as a mutant, Rouge follows him to find other mutants. Wolverine is hesitant at first to talk to her, but they end up traveling together after she refuses to back down.

Profession… unemployed. She’s a drifter living off the kindness of strangers and anything she can scrounge up from odd jobs.   

Interests… Wolverine. Rogue begins to harbor an obsession with the mysterious man. Soon she realizes how many mutants exist, and that that they might be able to help her understand her powers and maybe even use them for good.

Relationship Status… single. Her super powers prevent her from touching anyone’s skin. This prevents her from having a conventional boyfriend. But she’s having a tough time keeping her hands off her new Xavier School classmate Bobby Drake.

Challenge… understanding her powers; living a life free of touch. Rogue must come to terms with her identity as a mutant before she has any chance at harnessing her abilities.

Personality… determined and inquisitive. Rogue is a pesky force to be reckoned with if you don’t do exactly as she wishes. She is still young, and harbors the insecurities and worries of any teenage girl.


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