Character Recommendations Based on Newt Scamander

Kristoff Frozen

He may seem standoffish, but this ice harvester secretly has a warm heart

James P. Sullivan Monsters, Inc.

Scary monster on the outside. Big softie on the inside

Moana Waialiki Moana

Moana is brave, adventurous, and dutiful. And with the ocean on her side, there's no telling how far she'll go

Troy Bolton High School Musical

Troy's a triple threat: singing, dancing, and basketball

Nakia Black Panther

This Wakandan spy is capable, caring, and just the right amount of stubborn

Charlie Bucket Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie may be down-on-his-luck, but his spirits are always sky high

Ancient One Doctor Strange

Master of magic and defender of Earth

John Keating Dead Poets Society

The biggest lesson from this inspiring teacher? Carpe diem

The Genie Aladdin

He's here to crack jokes and grant wishes, in that order

Danny Zuko Grease

A high school bad boy who's not quite as bad as he seems