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Hope van Dyne


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Overview... daughter of the original Ant-Man who’s training the new one: Scott Lang. Her father invented the Ant-Man suit, her boyfriend Darren Cross is trying to duplicate it, and she’s tougher than either of them. She’s overqualified to take over as Ant-Man but she lost her mother at a young age to an Ant-Man technology-related accident. She hasn’t forgiven her father and isn’t immediately willing to help him.

Personality... tough, smart, and untrusting. She has a strained relationship with her father and even forced him out of his company because of their rift. She’s both a brilliant scientist and a fearsome martial artist – as the daughter of a pair of superheroes she has a lot to live up to. When she makes up with her father to take down Cross, she’s the one who teaches Lang to throw a punch. And still, bruised and all, he falls for her just as hard as she hit him.

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