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Living... happily, with her mom Maggie and her mom’s fiancé Jim Paxton. Maggie and Jim provide a wonderful home for Cassie, and Jim is a great stepfather figure. Cassie just wishes she could spend more time with her dad, Scott Lang, who was recently released from prison.

Profession... elementary school student. Right now, Cassie’s biggest job is making sure she has fun at her seventh birthday party.

Challenge... figuring out what’s going on with her dad. Life can be a little bit confusing from Cassie’s perspective. Her dad is her ultimate hero, but sometimes her mom and Jim don’t seem to want him around. They’re worried about things like making sure Scott gets a job, pays child support, and moves away from his life as a criminal. Cassie doesn’t really understand all that, although she knows that her mom and Jim are just trying to look out for her. Still, she’s determined to figure out what’s going on with her dad and how she can help him.

Personality... sweet, kind, and a little bit eccentric. In most ways, Cassie is just a normal little kid, but she’s definitely got her own oddball sensibility too. When her dad gives her a creepy stuffed animal for her birthday she excitedly yells, “He’s so ugly, I love him!” Like most kids, Cassie doesn’t fully understand how the grownup world works. Nevertheless, she’s got a natural knack for knowing how to protect her dad’s superhero secret identity. And she can be a little bit sassy to those who try to belittle her or those she loves.

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