Beast/Hank McCoy

Beast/Hank McCoy

    X-Men Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as Hank McCoy, a brilliant child prodigy. He graduated from Harvard University as a teenager and was quickly sought after by some of the best-paying science divisions in the country, eventually ending up with the CIA.

Living… in secrecy. To his bosses at the CIA, Hank was just another genius researcher. His cover was blown when a group of mutants, headed by Professor Xavier, visit his lab. Hank is mutant, with huge feet and superhuman agility, strength, and dexterity. He subsequently joins Professor Xavier and his covert team of mutants, focusing on inventing tools for the CIA that will help defeat the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Profession… researcher for Division X, a CIA project focused on America’s secret weapon against communism: mutants. Hank has been working on a Cerebro prototype, which will enhance Professor Xavier’s telepathic ability and allow him to find mutants all over the world.

Interests… tinkering and hanging out. When Hank is alone, he has no problem unveiling his true self and exercising his mutant abilities. But, he is ashamed of his appearance when others are around.

Relationship Status… single. Hank is something of a nerd but has his eye set on Raven, a mutant who can shape-shift into any person she sees. They initially bond over their shared struggles accepting their mutant appearances.

Challenge… accepting himself. Hank tries to use Raven’s DNA to counteract his physical mutations. This kind of genetic tinkering is dangerous but Hank is just trying to come to terms with his physical appearance and longs to be accepted by others.

Personality… super-intelligent and physically fit, but socially awkward. He’s been a geek all his life, but it can draw criticism from others. Hank gets picked on more often than he should, and he decides it’s up to him to change that.


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