Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid

    Harry Potter Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his father. The enormous Hagrid, who is over 11 feet tall, could pick his dad up and set him on the dresser by age 6. Hagrid grew up without a mother, and his dad died when Hagrid was only 12. Hagrid’s incredible size is curious, and many speculate that he is not entirely human. They might have a point.

Living… in a one-room hut on the lawn of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with his boarhound, Fang. Hagrid’s young friends Harry, Ron and Hermione visit him there often, and he makes them tea and (unappetizing) rock cakes.

Profession… gamekeeper at Hogwarts. Hagrid maintains the castle and grounds, though he’s always wanted to be the Care of Magical Creatures professor. Luckily for him, this position eventually opens up, when Professor Kettleburn retires in order to “spend more time with his remaining limbs.” Hagrid is ecstatic about teaching the students of Hogwarts all about the magical creatures he loves.

Interests… creatures of all shapes and sizes. Hagrid has a particular fondness for dangerous monsters, such as dragons, three-headed dogs and giant spiders. If he had it his way, he would be the proud ‘father’ of anything with fur, claws or fangs. Although he has good intentions, sometimes the monsters he raises or protects can wreak havoc.  

Relationship Status… single. He’s more than happy living on his own, taking care of the creatures he loves. At least until a woman of his…uhh…stature comes along, that is.

Challenge… acquiring the dangerous pets he desires without getting in trouble with the law – or destroying Hogwarts. Hagrid has been known to make some less-than-advisable decisions, like secretly hatching a dragon egg in his hut after winning it from a shady character at a pub.

Personality… kind, bumbling, strong, and loyal. Hagrid has cared about Harry Potter since Hagrid dropped him off at Number 4 Privet Drive as an infant. Now that Harry’s at Hogwarts, Hagrid is his friend and kindly mentor, always looking out for Harry’s best interests. Though some students (especially Draco Malfoy’s posse of Slytherins) make fun of Hagrid, calling him an “oaf,” Hagrid doesn’t let that bother him. He knows how important he is to both Hogwarts and Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster. Hagrid’s unwavering devotion to Dumbledore is one of Hagrid’s most admirable qualities. 


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