Character Recommendations Based on Abbie Mills

Nick O'Leary Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

A soulful bass player who can't stop sending breakup CDs to his ex

Pippin Took The Lord of the Rings

Point the fun-loving Pippin towards second breakfast and he's one happy hobbit

Li Shang Mulan

He'll make a man out of you

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim

An everyday earthworm turned intergalactic hero

Shuri Black Panther

A genius-level inventor with a wicked sense of humor

Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother

Hopelessly romantic architect in search of someone to be the mother of his children

Hua Mulan Mulan

No matter what her reflection shows, Mulan's true strength comes from inside

Amy March Little Women

Blending her naturally artistic spirit with a sense of practicality

Merlin Merlin

Half awkward teenager, half super-powerful wizard

Boromir The Lord of the Rings

This brave but pessimistic nobleman knows one does not simply walk into Mordor