Character Recommendations Based on Abbie Mills

Gwen Merlin

She's got a heart of gold and the courage and bravery to make it count

Claire Temple Daredevil

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes

Derek Morgan Criminal Minds

A guy you want to have your back when it counts most

Claire Randall Outlander

Tempestuous and talented, she's a woman with a passionate heart and a quick mind

Topanga Lawrence Boy Meets World

Topanga's been a put-together intellectual since basically the moment she could talk

Darlene Mr. Robot

A free-spirited hacktivist who follows her moral compass

Sun Bak Sense8

Sun hides her feelings, instead channeling her anger and insecurities into her fists

Ziva David NCIS

In her world, you grow up fast—you have no choice

Karen Page Daredevil

Loyal assistant to Nelson and Murdock who has a way of finding trouble

David Rossi Criminal Minds

It's hard to have a balanced life when you chase serial killers for a living, but he does it