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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in solitary confinement at Belle Reve PenitentiaryAnd Deadshot (a.k.a. Floyd Lawton) isn’t getting the best treatment at his black site prison homeHe regularly butts heads with an obnoxious guard named Griggs, who insists on serving Deadshot a gross meal called “loaf.”  

Profession... hired assassin and reluctant member of Task Force X. Before he was arrested by Batman, Deadshot made his living as gunman for hire. One of the most expert marksmen who has ever livedDeadshot was paid millions of dollars to take out high-profile targets for criminal factions. But now he’s under the control of intelligence operative Amanda Waller. She recruits him for Task Force X, her “suicide squad” of supervillians. And like all of the members of the squad, Deadshot must follow Waller’s orders or risk being killed by the explosive device implanted in his neck. But as Deadshot puts it, “I don't know what they told you, but I'm a hitman, not a fireman, I don't save people!”  

Interests... guns, guns, and guns. Deadshot has never met a firearm he didn’t like. He’s an expert with just about any make and model under the sun.  

Relationship Status... single. Deadshot isn’t exactly on great terms with his irresponsible ex-wife (and especially not her new boyfriend), but he does have a close and affectionate relationship with his daughter, Zoe.  

Challenge... reuniting with his daughter. Deadshot’s biggest desire is to gain custody of his daughter and ensure she has a (semi) normal childhood. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do now that he’s an imprisoned criminal. Deadshot hopes that by working with Task Force X, he’ll be reunited with Zoe—or at least get to see her more often.  

Personality... pragmatic, confident, and sarcastic. Deadshot doesn’t suffer fools and he has little trouble standing up to the worst of the worst—or extorting them for money. He’s immensely confident in his marksman abilities and sarcastic even in the face of danger. When he first meets the rest of the suicide squadDeadshot jokes, What is this? Cheerleading tryouts? But Deadshot does have a softer side too. In addition to his loving relationship with his daughter, Deadshot has a policy against killing women and children. 


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