Rebecca Doppelmeyer

Rebecca Doppelmeyer

    Ghost World
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in total misery. Life in suburban America wasn’t exactly what Rebecca always dreamt of. While she grew up fantasizing about getting away from the conformity of modern American life, she’s starting to find that now she’s grown up, things in the “real world” aren’t so bad.

Living… at her parents’ house, though Rebecca desperately wants to move into an apartment with her friend from high school, Enid.

Profession… barista. After graduating from high school, Rebecca was forced to take a dead-end service job at a local café. She says of the customers, “Some people are okay, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody.”

Interests… boys. Rebecca, back in high school, considered herself one of the freaks, an outsider of sorts. Now that she’s growing up, though, she’s beginning to lose her romantic vision of the “creeps, losers and weirdoes,” as Enid describes them. She just wants to be around some normal men. She’s realizing that it’s not so bad to appreciate normal things.

Relationship Status… single. Rebecca, who has always shown an interest in dating boys, is finding it difficult to free herself of the possessive Enid, who disapproves of any kind of relationship. “Oh, face it,” Rebecca tells Enid. “You just hate every single guy on the face of the earth.”

Challenge… becoming a productive member of society and ridding herself of the antisocial Enid. While Rebecca and Enid shared a close friendship in high school, the two are currently drifting apart. Rebecca wants to get a normal job, an apartment and meet a nice man, while Enid still spends her time critiquing mass culture, and wants Rebecca to do the same.

Personality… biting and sarcastic. Rebecca is skeptical of mainstream culture, though she’s finding it difficult to remain so cynical now that she has to support herself on her own.


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