Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... without much money in Hell’s Kitchen. His mother desperately wanted him to be a butcher, but Foggy was more interested in law.

Living... in New York City, still in Hell’s Kitchen.

Profession... a lawyer at his new firm, Nelson and Murdock. Foggy could have easily landed a job at the prestigious but soulless law firm Landman and Zack, but his best friend Matt Murdock convinced him they could do more good by opening their own practice. Unfortunately that noble choice means they’ll never be making the big bucks. Foggy jokes, “I'm gonna steal as many bagels as I can fit in this box. With you as my partner, there's no telling when I'll be able to afford a real meal again.”

Interests... drinking away his troubles at Josie’s Bar, fighting for justice, impressing Karen Page, and bribing police officers with cigars.

Relationship Status... single. Right now, Foggy’s most important relationship is with his best friend Matt. Although, it’s also pretty clear that he’s taken a liking to the firm’s new assistant, Karen Page. And he may not totally be over his ex-girlfriend Marci Stahl, who still works at Landman and Zack.

Challenge... fixing Hell’s Kitchen. There’s a ton of corruption in the recently devastated neighborhood and Foggy wants to do whatever he can to save his struggling community. When a major corporation tries to gentrify the neighborhood, Foggy becomes particularly invested in helping an elderly woman named Elena Cardenas who’s being forced out of her apartment.  

Personality... funny, nerdy, romantic, awkward, moral, idealistic, and protective. It’s hard to dislike Foggy, who’s amiable and friendly with almost everyone. Although he’s got a brilliant legal mind, Foggy sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him. In college he studied Punjabi just to get close to a girl. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s always eager to help people in need. But no matter what trouble he gets into, Foggy never loses his good-hearted sense of humor. 


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