Winifred Burkle

Winifred Burkle

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Texas, as an only child with two loving parents. She moves to Los Angeles for grad school at UCLA, where she goes by the nickname Fred. It becomes clear she is a brilliant physicist.

Living… in the former Los Angeles hotel that now houses Angel Investigations. It takes her some time to adapt to life in Los Angeles after being trapped in Pylea – an alternate dimension where she was kept as a slave – for five years. 

Profession… a member of Angel Investigations. Fred is most appreciated for her intelligence, and often does research for the ragtag crew of mystery solvers. She also proves herself to be an exceptional strategist, and she grows to be an asset in combat.

Interests… physics, chemistry, biology, and math. Fred’s not only interested in all of them, but she’s kind of a genius.

Relationship Status… complicated. After the team rescues Fred from Pylea, both Wesley and Gunn develop feelings for her, and they often compete with each other for Fred’s affections.

Challenge… adjusting to life in Los Angeles after the traumatic experiences she underwent in Pylea. Though she returns to normal activities fairly quickly – or as normal as they can be while working for a vampire’s supernatural detective agency – it takes her awhile to regain her confidence. 

Personality… sweet, intelligent, and brave. Fred isn’t used to be the hero, but she’s often forced to act as one while working for Angel Investigations. Her helpful nature makes her much more comfortable doing research into the paranormal forces the team has to deal with.


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