Claire Temple

Claire Temple

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Hell’s Kitchen, in New York City.

Profession... an ER nurse at Metro-General Hospital. But after Claire has an accidental run-in with a masked vigilante named Daredevil, she becomes his unofficial nurse as well. Since he can’t go to a hospital and reveal his identity, she comes to him whenever he needs urgent medical care – which is quite often.

Interests... balancing her personal life with her chaotic career, and taking care of masked vigilantes she finds in dumpsters. 

Relationship Status... single. Claire is quickly attracted to Daredevil, but she’s not convinced his dangerous lifestyle is conducive to a relationship.

Challenge... saving lives. While Claire’s medical skills are quite impressive, she also knows there’s more than one way to help people. For instance, rather than immediately turn an injured Daredevil over to the authorities, she patches him up herself. She’s heard that he’s been protecting the people of Hell’s Kitchen in ways the police can’t and she knows that by helping him, she’s helping the whole city. But Claire’s also got a strong ethical side, too. She may be willing to bend the rules, but she doesn’t want to fully cross over into being a vigilante. As she explains to Daredevil, “You know, the only thing I remember from Sunday school is the martyrs, the saints, the saviors, they all end up the same way: Bloody and alone.”

Personality... tough, resourceful, sarcastic, composed, grounded, compassionate, practical, and good in a crisis. Claire is generous and good-natured and she wants to see the best in people; she’s the kind of person who will take care of your cat, even though she’s allergic to them. But working in the Hell’s Kitchen ER has also shown her the darker side of humanity, and that’s made her very pragmatic. She’s been through a lot and she knows how to look out for herself when she has to. Most importantly, she’s always ready with a first-aid kit or medical advice during a crisis. 


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