Chloe Decker

Chloe Decker


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with her father and mother, a cop and an actress, respectively. She loves them both and looks up to them. 

Living… with her 7-year-old daughter in Los Angeles. She’s very protective of Trixie and wants to be a good role model for her. 

Profession… detective at the L.A.P.D. Before that, she tried her hand in acting as her mother was an actress. She decided that her act in a particular movie “wasn’t really contributing to the betterment of society,” so she decided she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a detective. But her fellow detectives are not taking her seriously after they saw her in a movie topless. Particularly annoying is her fellow detective Lucifer, who repulses her. 

Relationship status… single. Her relationship with ex-husband and father of their daughter, Dan Espinoza, is clearly strained. And she’s not sure she can love again.

Challenge… finding out why a victim was killed. Considering its high-profile nature, her case should be open-and-shut. But something seems to be troubling her, something about Palmetto Street. 

Personality… observant, logical, and professional. Chloe is committed to her job and likes to keep things professional—even if Lucifer decides to pull inappropriate antics. 


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