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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with her father, in Camelot. Gwen’s dad is a blacksmith, and she’s embarassed to admit that she knows “pretty much everything there is to know about armor”.

Living… in the castle. Gwen is a maidservant, serving under Morgana, the king’s ward. She sleeps close to Morgana in case she ever needs something. The town is just a short walk away, though, so Gwen can visit her father if she has time.

Profession… maidservant. Gwen helps Morgana get dressed, cleans her chambers, and takes care of any other chores or errands Morgana wants done. At times, though, it’s more like Morgana and Gwen are best friends, rather than master and servant.

Relationship Status… single, and likely to remain so. Gwen’s just a servant, but the object of her affections is Arthur, the crown prince. He loves her back, but it’s unlikely his father would ever consent to him marrying a commoner. Gwen knows this, and she’s not going to ask him to go against his father. So until and unless something changes, she’ll just carry a torch in silence.

Challenge… helping her friends, especially Arthur, because Camelot is not exactly a peaceful place. King Uther’s draconian rule means that the kingdom has a lot of enemies, and various individuals and magical creatures often try to kill the king, Arthur, Morgana, or even to wipe out the whole kingdom. Gwen might be a lowly servant, but she’s not going to stand by idly.

Personality… pragmatic, strong, and compassionate. Gwen is level-headed and intelligent, often able to get what she needs through words alone, but she’s plenty capable of picking up a sword and defending those she loves. On the outside, she seems meek and calm, but she has an inner core of steel, making her one of the most reliable people in the castle.


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