Character Recommendations Based on Frederico Diaz

Sylar Heroes

On his way to gathering all the power in the world

Allison Reynolds The Breakfast Club

The basket case. She's got problems at home and feels like an outcast

Sarah Manning Orphan Black

She's a survivor who will do anything to keep her loved ones safe

Maximus Decimus Meridius Gladiator

Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife – you better believe he'll have his vengeance

Christopher Turk Scrubs

He's bringing his A-game to his next big challenge: becoming a surgeon

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Gotham's unhinged Clown Princess of Crime will call you puddin', then punch you in the face

Carrie White Carrie

Skittish and reserved but ready to make a big statement

Trinity The Matrix

Ass-kicking babe with a fondness for leather clothing

Oswald Cobblepot Gotham

When it comes to flattery, manipulation, and politics, Oswald can play with the best of them

Fiona Gallagher Shameless

A tenacious survivor, there's nothing Fiona wouldn't do for her family