Frederico Diaz
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Frederico Diaz

Six Feet Under

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About Him

Grew up… showing a curiosity in Nathaniel Fisher Sr.’s business. Nathaniel, owner and proprietor of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, took Rico under his wing and taught him how to restore corpses. Nate Sr. eventually paid for Rico’s degree in mortuary science and gave him a job as a restorative artist.

Living… with his wife, his high school sweetheart Vanessa, trying to make a living for himself. Rico, who has two children to support, is struggling to make ends meet at Fisher & Sons.

Profession… one of the best restorative artists in the country. Rico makes touching up dead bodies look like an art form. Unfortunately his talents seem to be underappreciated by the new owners of the funeral home, Nathaniel’s sons David and Nate Jr., after Nate Sr.’s sudden death. As Rico complains to the brothers, “I’ve worked here for years, and you don’t know a damned thing about me.”

Interests… his work. Rico takes serious pride in his skills as a corpse restorer. He’ll often gloat (sometimes inappropriately) to his clients, who understandably don’t always see their deceased loved ones as a canvas for “art.”

Challenge… making sure that Nate Jr. and David know how valuable his services are. Rico has been tempted to leave the mom ‘n pop Fisher & Sons for Kroehner Service International, a large chain of mortuary services.

Personality… funny and nonchalant. Rico, like any good mortuary professional, is not overly morbid when it comes to his occupation. He’s always ready to make a quip about the corpses that come through the doors of Fisher & Sons: “You know what I’ve been noticing a lot lately? Lotta guys coming in with their [testicles] shaved. What’s that all about?”

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