Ash Williams

Ash Williams

    The Evil Dead
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on borrowed time. Ash has spent his whole life scraping by doing the bare minimum. He lives in a quiet town, works at the local S-Mart, and generally keeps to himself– but that all changes when a trip to the woods goes horribly wrong.

Visiting… a cabin in the woods, somewhere in Kentucky. It’s supposed to be a relaxing getaway for Ash and the friends he brings along, but when they find a recording of someone reading the Naturon Demonto, they accidentally unleash an ancient horror. With evil spirits possessing his friends left and right, Ash will be lucky to live through the night. Some vacation.

Profession… houseware clerk at S-Mart— and the Chosen One. Until recently, Ash was just a general staffer at the combination supermarket/hardware store. Now, however, he’s apparently also destined to slay the horrible demonic forces that seek to subvert and destroy humanity.

Interests… mechanics. Ash is incompetent at almost everything he does, but has a surprising knack for fixing mechanical things, along with also assembling gadgets that most people couldn’t even conceive of.

Relationship Status… dating Linda. Everything was going great until demonic possession entered the equation. Ash has had some bad breakups, but this is the first one that might require the use of a chainsaw.

Challenge… surviving the night. If Ash can just survive until the sun comes up, the ancient spirits summoned by the Naruton Demonto will dissipate. Easy enough, right? It isn't. As the night wears on, more and more of Ash’s companions are turned into “Deadites”– cruel demonic puppets that delight in physically and mentally torturing Ash. If Ash is to have any hope of watching the sunrise, he’s going to have to keep a cool head, play it smart, and be merciless with his possessed friends– three things he’s not prepared to do.

Personality… decidedly not hero material. An everyman, Ash is dealing with the situation about as well as you’d expect: he’s panicked, scared, and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Still, if Ash plays his cards right, he has the potential to survive the night. Ash lacks foresight and is a far cry from a genius, but he's tough and has a survivor’s instinct that allows him to find unlikely solutions in the midst of difficult situations.


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