Eddie Brock / Venom

Eddie Brock / Venom

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... a fresh start in San Francisco. Eddie previously had a successful life and career in New York City, but he was run out of town when he pushed his investigative reporting too far. Now he’s building a new life in San Francisco.

Profession... investigative reporter. Eddie will do anything to get to the bottom of a story, and he refuses to play games when it comes to flattering his interview subjects.

Interests... riding motorcycles and making friends with people in his neighborhood.

Relationship Status... happily engaged. Well, at least for now. Eddie is passionately in love with his fiancée Anne Weying. As he tells her, “You are my home.” But he’s also equally dedicated to his career. When it turns out that Anne’s law firm has confidential information about the dubious ethical practices of famed entrepreneurial scientist Carlton Drake, Eddie makes a choice that may change the course of his life forever.

Challenge... dealing with the world’s weirdest identity crisis. While investigating Carlton Drake’s Life Foundation, Eddie accidentally bonds with an alien symbiote named Venom. Though the creature can’t survive on Earth without being attached to Eddie’s body, it has a mind of its own—a mind that’s now in constant conversation with Eddie. It’s a surreal experience, to say the least, but there are some advantages too. When Venom takes over Eddie’s body, he’s transformed into an invincible superpowered creature, which is pretty cool. On the other hand, Venom’s penchant for biting people’s heads off is slightly less cool. In addition to figuring out how to get rid of Venom (or at least how to work with him), Eddie’s also got to contend with the villainous Carlton Drake—who soon gets his own symbiotic pal.

Personality... no-frills and dedicated to justice. Eddie’s got a bit of a punk rock vibe to him. All he needs to be happy is a cool motorcycle and a strong woman to join him on it. Yet for as casual and laidback as he can seem, Eddie is also dedicated to standing up for the oppressed and taking down corruption. That puts him a little bit at odds with the aggressive, people-eating alien symbiote that takes up residence in his brain. But Eddie and Venom just might have more in common than they realize.


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