Solid Snake

Solid Snake

    Metal Gear Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in foster homes. Codenamed Solid Snake, he was a clone born out of a secret government experiment to make the perfect soldier. When he was just a teenager, he joined the Green Berets.

Profession... spy, spec ops soldier, and mercenary. Solid Snake joined the spec ops FOXHOUND unit where he became an expert in survival skills before heading into an early retirement. But Snake was born to thrive on the battlefield, so it wasn’t long before he returned to warfare as a mercenary.

Interests… fighting bad guys, smoking cigarettes, and drinking. Snake is rarely seen without his trademark cigarette between his lips.

Relationship Status... complicated. Snake is a lone wolf who might flirt with female teammates occasionally, but he doesn’t have the time or heart for a serious relationship. However, during the Shadow Moses Incident he meets soldier Meryl Silverburgh and becomes quite close to her.

Challenge... to stop Metal Gear, a huge mecha tank armed with destructive nuclear weapons, from blowing up the world. Whenever there’s an apocalyptic threat, it’s time to send in the best – and Solid Snake has always been the best.                                                                                                     

Personality... stoic, cynical, and brilliant. Snake was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier, with an IQ of 180 and superhuman physical abilities. Despite his prowess, Snake’s lonely and violent past leaves him guilt-ridden and makes it difficult for him to express compassion towards others. Although he despises the glory of being a hero, Snake is willing to sacrifice himself for his teammates and those he cares about.


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