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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in the shadows after abandoning his old identity: Gabriel Gray. He has an apartment but it’s mostly empty except for some books and a map that seems to show where he can find powered people – people with special powers.

Profession... watchmaker turned serial killer. Fiddling with time-pieces was his father’s job; murdering is a field where he could make a name for himself. His victims are found all over the country, many of which have their brains removed.

Relationship Status... looking for love. His parents were cruel to him as a boy, always disappointed in young Gabriel for not living up to their expectations. He grew up searching for anyone who might appreciate him – the idea being they’d be drawn to him for being exceptional, when in reality, people don’t generally like people who kill other people.

Challenge... obtaining as many powers as he can. Sylar’s extraordinary ability is to decipher how things work, aka “intuitive aptitude.” It means he’s great at fixing watches, but always hungry to learn more. It leads him to discover how he can steal powers, including telekinesis and seeing the future. He won’t stop until he becomes god-like.     

Personality... emotionally unstable, creepy, entirely unsympathetic. If most people who obtained powers are struggling to become heroes, Sylar is well on his way to being the world’s great super-villain. Selfishly, he wants to steal all the powers for himself, in hopes of gaining love, understanding and power to fill the hole in his emotional life that he’s had since he was a boy.


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