Character Recommendations Based on Margaret Houlihan

Greg Lestrade Sherlock

Gruff, loyal, and quietly competent

Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother

This former teen pop star loves dogs and is scared of relationships

Mrs. Hudson Sherlock

There's more to this sweet, caring landlady than meets the eye

Bruce Banner The Incredible Hulk / The Avengers

You won't like him when he's angry

Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother

Hopelessly romantic architect in search of someone to be the mother of his children

Martha Jones Doctor Who

A compassionate medical student who has found a Doctor she can really look up to

Alex Danvers Supergirl

Fiercely loyal to those she loves, Alex isn't afraid to make tough choices and strike decisive blows when necessary

Katara Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara's strong maternal instinct occasionally borders on bossiness, but above all she just wants to help people

Donna Noble Doctor Who

Sassy, smart, and stricken with unquenchable wanderlust

Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender

Official joke-master of the group