Greg Lestrade

Greg Lestrade

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in London, a beautiful, booming cultural capital – one that just happens to be full of crime.

Profession… detective inspector of Scotland Yard. It's not a pleasant or an easy job, and when the crimes get too tough to solve, Scotland Yard often finds itself having to rely on brilliant but abrasive Sherlock Holmes for help. No one on the force really gets along with Sherlock. When asked why he keeps the difficult detective in the fold, Lestrade simply sighs: "Because I'm desperate, that's why."

Interests… safeguarding London and keeping himself somewhat sane. Not an easy task when you have to work with Sherlock Holmes, but Lestrade manages somehow. Mostly, by taping Sherlock's drugged antics and conducting "drugs busts" on his apartment whenever Sherlock oversteps his bounds.

Relationship Status… married, though perhaps not for long. According to Sherlock, Lestrade’s wife is cheating on him with a PE teacher. And the thing about Sherlock is that no matter how annoying he is, he's virtually always right.

Challenge… stopping London and Scotland Yard from descending into chaos. With Sherlock's deduction skills on the case, London isn't quite as much of a problem as it would be. But Lestrade might more trouble keeping his officers from clashing with Sherlock.  

Personality… gruff, loyal, and (thankfully) patient. Though he might not have Sherlock's brilliance, Lestrade is a quite competent officer in his own right, and his reasonable, level-headed personality makes him the perfect intermediary between Sherlock and the rest of the force. Still, for all their moaning and bickering, Sherlock and Lestrade nonetheless consider themselves friends, and each man would trust the other with his life. 


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