Jenny Flint

Jenny Flint

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in 19th century London at 13 Paternoster Row.

Profession... maid and crime fighter. To the outside world, Jenny is merely the servant of a wealthy lady named Madame Vastra. But the duo is leading a double life: They’re actually married crime fighters who solve mysteries and take down baddies in Victorian London. That means Jenny often goes from dusting the furniture to fetching Vastra’s sword at the drop of a hat.

Interests... helping The Doctor. Although Jenny and Vastra have never traveled with the Doctor regularly, they are two of his most loyal friends. He often retreats to their Victorian home when he’s in trouble, and Jenny and Vastra are always willing to help. More than most of his companions, they understand that the Doctor is an alien traveler who sees the world differently than your average human.   

Relationship Status... married. But Jenny’s home life is more than a little unconventional for her Victorian era. Not only is she married to a woman, Madame Vastra, but her wife happens to be a lizard-like Silurian from a prehistoric century. So Jenny prefers to keep her relationship a secret from all but her closest friends.

Challenge... protecting London while living a double life. Jenny sometimes has trouble balancing her role as a fake maid for her real wife. While talking about their public pretense, she once quipped to Vastra, “Doesn't exactly explain why I'm pouring tea for you in private.” But her first priority is keeping London safe with the help of the rest of the Paternoster Gang. The means everything from providing logistical support to Vastra to picking locks and beating up bad guys herself.

Personality... bold, brave, friendly, and sarcastic. Jenny is the warm, street-smart answer to Vastra’s logical, intellectual mind. Compassionate and empathetic towards her friends, Jenny is nevertheless a fierce warrior in times of trouble. And even though she’s surrounded by out-of-this world phenomenon, Jenny’s still a realist who has to see something before she believes it.


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