Ezra Fitz

Ezra Fitz

    Pretty Little Liars
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a Fitzgerald, not a Fitz. And yes, those Fitzgeralds – not the literary ones, but the very rich ones who have a beautiful theater in New York City named after them.

Living… in Rosewood, where he’s experiencing the charms of small town life – and all the gossip and lack of privacy that entails.

Profession… high school teacher, though all he wants to do is write the Great American Novel. Regardless of his dreams, Ezra is a gifted, beloved teacher at Rosewood High. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s considered, objectively, to be the cutest.

Interests… poetry, old movies, and writing. One of Ezra’s most prized possessions is an old typewriter, and he loves anything vintage and cultured.

Relationship Status… dating Aria Montgomery, an artsy popular girl at Rosewood High. And yes, that means she is Ezra’s student. Aria and Ezra’s romance is often confined to Ezra’s car and his apartment, along with a hidden hallway or two when they can’t help themselves. It’s clearly forbidden on every level – especially for Ezra – but they can’t seem to help themselves.

Challenge… having a girlfriend who’s younger than him. The age difference between Ezra and Aria is never really a problem for their personal relationship, but it always seems to ruin Ezra’s life even after he’s no longer her teacher. He’s lost multiple jobs, been ostracized, and even attacked, because of his connection to Aria.

Personality… thoughtful, romantic, and creative. Ezra is the perfect boyfriend; he’s attentive, considerate, and known to randomly gift his girlfriend with cute presents. He’s got a writer’s temperament – observant and smart, but laidback. Ezra would take an evening in watching old movies over a night partying any day.


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