Ianto Jones

Ianto Jones

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Cardiff, Wales. Ianto developed a complicated relationship with his family growing up. He was embarrassed that his father worked at a department store, and lied to others about what his father did for a living. His relationship with his father was further strained because he pushed Ianto too hard. One day, his father literally pushed Ianto off a set of swings and accidentally broke his leg.

Living… in Cardiff, Wales, during a time of great turmoil.

Profession… part of Torchwood Three – a secret organization whose mission is to protect earth from evil extraterrestrial beings. Ianto was originally a researcher for Torchwood One until the Battle of Canary Wharf, when Cybermen went to war with Daleks on earth. When Ianto’s girlfriend, Lisa, was partially turned into a Cyberman during the battle, he left Torchwood. After several years, Ianto returned to Cardiff and re-joined the organization. According to Jack, his boss, Ianto’s role is to “clean up after us and get us everywhere on time.”

Interests… finding a cure for Lisa. Ianto never forgot Lisa, and relentlessly researched ways to bring back her humanity. Hoping desperately that the cyber-conversion process could be reversed, Ianto kidnapped Lisa and hid her in Torchwood’s headquarters. When Lisa’s humanity is completely lost to the Cybermen, she escapes and causes chaos in the headquarters. When Torchwood tried to capture her, Lisa lost her life – crushing Ianto’s hopes to save her.

Relationship Status… single, sadly. After getting over Lisa’s death, Ianto slowly begins to show interest in Jack Harkness, who is Torchwood’s leader.

Challenge… being taken seriously by the rest of Torchwood and winning Jack over. Seen more as a butler and care-keeper, Ianto is initially taken for granted by the rest of the Torchwood team. After Lisa’s death, he starts taking on a more active role in fieldwork and goes out with the team during their investigations.

Personality… quiet, distant, reserved, and dutiful. These characteristics initially make Ianto into more of a go-fer to the other Torchwood members. Because Ianto is withdrawn, those around him cannot tell that he is actually in a lot of emotional pain. After Lisa’s death, Ianto begins to move on and come out of his shell – showing a more witty and humorous side. Nevertheless, he remains highly uncomfortable around emotional people and shies away from physical contact.


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