Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

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Living... in cozy River Heights with her widowed father, Carson. With her moxie and amazing investigative skills, teenager Nancy Drew is the talk of the town. And everyone – friends, officers of the law, the local paper – has nice things to say. Even the criminals she busts!

Profession... a student with a rather colorful extracurricular life. When she isn’t in class, Nancy works tirelessly to make River Heights a safer place, solving crimes and putting the bad guys behind bars. 

Interests... not fashion and gossip, that’s for sure. You won’t find lipstick or teen magazines in Nancy’s bag. Instead, you’ll discover a flashlight, a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, and all the other essentials of an amateur sleuth.

Relationship Status... in a soon-to-be long-distance relationship. Nancy’s known Ned since the second grade. Unfortunately, her father’s job requires the Drews to move to California for a couple of months. Ned’s already starting to get separation anxiety. What if she meets the guy on Smallville and forgets all about him?!

Challenge... having a more carefree adolescence. Most of River Heights is in awe of Nancy’s crime-solving prowess, but not Mr. Drew. He’s hoping that the move to California will help her transition from teen detective to regular teen. Nancy makes a promise to try shopping instead of sleuthing, but it’s going to be a tough one to keep. Their new house comes with a mystery, “one of the greatest unsolved cases of all time…”

Personality... peppy and peculiar. Nancy has endless enthusiasm for all things mysterious, creepy, and suspicious. As her boyfriend Ned says, she’s “only happy when there is trouble.” Sure, she says she’s done with sleuthing, but how long can she really keep away? Then again, considering how good she is at it, why should she ever stop?

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