Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a Silurian lizard woman in a prehistoric era. She and her people went into underground hibernation long before humans populated the Earth.

Living... in 19th century London at 13 Paternoster Row. Awoken after centuries of hibernation sleep, she eventually integrated into Victorian life.

Profession... secret crime fighter. Given that Vastra doesn’t exactly look like your average Victorian aristocrat, she keeps herself hidden under a heavy veil during the day. But at night, Vastra dedicates herself to ridding London of its worst criminals – from child poisoners to serial killers. Rumor has it, she’s even the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.  

Interests... puzzles, clues, and mysteries. Not only does Vastra like to solve puzzles herself, she also uses them to test others. For instance, she’ll sometimes demand that those seeking her assistance describe their situation using only one-word answers to complex questions.

Relationship Status... married. Although Vasta initially hired Jenny Flint as her maid, the two eventually fell in love. But since their same-sex, inter-species love wouldn’t exactly celebrated in Victorian London, they keep their relationship a secret.

Challenge... protecting London. Given that Vastra has an innate taste for human blood, she decided to put it to good use. She hunts down dastardly criminals and then has them for dinner – literally. After catching Jack The Ripper she explained that he was “stringy, but tasty all the same.” She also often joins forces with her longtime friend The Doctor to defeat bigger threats. Although she and Jenny have never been his full-time companions, they welcome him into their home during times of trouble and are always ready to help him at a moment’s notice.

Personality... poised, enigmatic, brilliant, a little cold, and occasionally terrifying.  It’s not just her lizard-like features that make Madame Vastra different from humans; she also has a very alien outlook on life as well. She’s logical almost to a fault, but thankfully her far more empathetic wife Jenny balances out her aloofness. Above all, Vastra is incredibly loyal to those in her inner circle and very protective of the people she cares about.


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