Character Recommendations Based on Bo Dennis

Sookie Stackhouse True Blood

A waitress who can read minds and break hearts

Eric Northman True Blood

A modern Viking with a flair for chilly threats

Harry Dresden The Dresden Files

A gruff, sarcastic everyman who just happens to be the world's only wizard PI

Selene Underworld

A quiet and indefatigable fighter

Jax Teller Sons of Anarchy

He can be cool or vengeful, calm or wrathful, depending on the situation

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars

Sarcastic private eye whose biggest mission is surviving high school

Sarah Manning Orphan Black

She's a survivor who will do anything to keep her loved ones safe

Cookie Lyon Empire

She got locked up so her husband could make it big but now she's coming for what's hers

Tami Taylor Friday Night Lights (TV)

Much more than just "Coach Taylor's wife," she's making herself known in town as a caring, persistent guidance counselor

Cosima Niehaus Orphan Black

She loves exploring the unknown. Even her own DNA is a puzzle, waiting to be unlocked