Bo Dennis

Bo Dennis

    Lost Girl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… confused and alone. Bo was abandoned at birth and raised as Beth Dennis by deeply religious adoptive parents who regularly took her to church and viewed sex as evil. At eighteen, Bo inadvertently killed her boyfriend the first time they had sex by draining him of his life energy. Frightened of her powers, Bo ran away and changed her identity to avoid being persecuted for murder.   

Living… with people who finally understand her. Bo has spent the last ten years on the run, knowing that she was not truly human and that her powers had the potential to kill anyone she became close to. Unexpectedly, two Fae cops kidnap Bo after her last kill and inform her that she is actually a Succubus. Bo was relieved to finally hear that she is not alone.

Profession… private investigator. Bo became best friends with a quirky human named Kenzi after saving her life, and the two became private investigators for both Fae and human clients. 

Interests… sex. Bo has to have sex not only to feed and survive, but also to heal. Prior to meeting the Fae, Bo was unable to control her abilities and ended up killing her sexual partners. The Light Fae’s doctor, Lauren, promised to help Bo control her abilities. Free to enjoy sex now, Bo has been making up for almost a decade of enforced celibacy.

Relationship Status… complicated. Although Bo is a Succubus, she is prone to settle in long-term monogamous relationships. While Lauren was still training Bo to control her powers, she made a pact with Dyson, the Fae cop who introduced Bo to her heritage. Because Bo can take his chi without causing much harm, she does so when necessary and the two have sex whenever she needs to heal. Inevitably, feelings complicate their arrangement. But Lauren is also interested in Bo; it’s a difficult love triangle.

Challenge… surviving and discovering her origins. When Bo was initially introduced to Fae society, she was forced to do a “trial by combat” – after which she was expected to align with either the Light or Dark. Bo unprecedentedly chooses neither, proclaiming, “I choose humans.” Without a side to defend her, Bo is constantly in precarious situations. Her true origins also remain a mystery, but Bo is determined to uncover her biological parents’ identity and discover why she was hidden away as a human.

Personality… independent, free spirited, stubborn, and rebellious. Bo will do absolutely anything to accomplish her goals and is a force to be reckoned with. As she said, “I've lost so much, but I must be strong. Now more than ever.... I'm done crying. I'm done being scared…. They want me to be afraid. It's them who should be afraid of me.”


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