Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse

    True Blood
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Bon Temps, Louisiana with her father, Corbett, and mother, Michelle. At the age of seven, her parents were killed in a flash flood, leaving her and her older brother Jason in the care of her grandparents, Earl and Adele. From a young age, Sookie displayed the ability to hear the thoughts of people around her, a symptom that baffled doctors and was ultimately swept under the rug by her parents. Growing up was difficult, as her abilities caused her to become an outcast in the community. Her only friend was Tara Thornton, her current best friend.

Living… in the Stackhouse residence that she’s resided in since age six, with her grandma and brother. The house is the hub of activity for supernatural gatherings, freak accidents, vampire attacks and even murders. You would assume with such a quaint and charming exterior, the home would be a relatively quiet place for Sookie to relax and feel safe, but you would be very wrong. 

Profession… waitress at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill, a popular restaurant in downtown Bon Temps. Merlotte’s is a bustling place frequented by the townsfolk and drifters. Though the wait staff is often rude and unreliable, the cook staff takes pride in their culinary creations. Her job is complicated by her telepathic abilities, as she often hears the customers saying crude things about her.

Interests… controlling her telepathic abilities and learning more about the supernatural world. Constantly hearing people’s thoughts, darkest secrets, mean remarks and innermost desires proves to be only sometimes useful and interesting for Sookie. For the most part it’s annoying, disturbing and endlessly distracting. If Sookie concentrates hard enough she can tune out the thoughts, but during moments of extreme stress they all flood her head and she can’t even hear herself think.

Relationship Status… complicated. After meeting Bill Compton, a vampire and newcomer to Bon Temps, Sookie was immediately attracted to him because she could not hear his thoughts. The pair share a tumultuous relationship, mostly because Bill always seems to be surrounded by danger. In addition to Bill, Sookie has romantic ties to her boss, Sam, who has always showed a particular interest in her. 

Challenge… staying out of danger. Because of her curious nature, danger seems to follow her and she is often seen as a “danger whore.” She’s always in trouble with some kind of supernatural force.

Personality… kind, beautiful and seemingly innocent. She’s loyal to her friends, polite to everyone she meets and has excellent manners. Though she’s considered sweet by most people, she stands up for what she believes in and always sticks up for her friends and family. Her stubbornness combined with her naiveté makes for a lethal combination: She’s too trusting of people, too curious about the supernatural world and too bull-headed to take no for an answer if she thinks she can handle a dangerous situation.


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