Tami Taylor

Tami Taylor

    Friday Night Lights (TV)
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Dillon, Texas, with her husband and daughter. After her husband, Eric, is promoted to head coach at Dillon, she becomes a central player in the community.

Profession… recently hired as the new guidance counselor at West Dillon High after years as a stay at home mom. Tami has a talent and passion for guiding troubled students away from rebelliousness. Her long-term ambitions are often pushed aside in favor of the more immediate and intense demands of her husband’s coaching jobs. But she only takes that subordination temporarily, waiting for her moment and standing her ground once it arrives.

Interests... her daughter, getting a new house, being an amazing guidance counselor. While she dreams about getting a new house, Jason’s accident has created a significant setback to her dream.

Relationship Status... happily married to coach Eric Taylor. While it’s a fundamentally sound marriage, it’s not without its problems, checks, and balances. Tami is her husband’s rock and guiding light, grounding him in moments of triumph and reassuring him in moments of stress. Her belief in him is paramount to his success, but she’s occasionally frustrated when her ambitions and desires fall by the wayside.

Challenge… having it all. Tami is constantly trying to balance a successful career, a stable marriage, Julie, and her own personal sanity. Like Eric, her biggest concern is preventing the pressures of small-town Texas living impose on her personal beliefs and character. She wants to give Julie the attention she needs, let her assert her independence, and assure that she doesn’t screw up too badly. Tami half seriously tells Julie, "The big deal is, that it’s part of my job to make sure that you don’t grow up stupid…it’s bad for the world."

Personality… compassionate yet tough. Tami’s passion is giving – advice, support, love and care to her family and members of her community. But she also knows when it’s time to take, and she doesn’t hesitate to enforce that right.


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