Harry Dresden

Harry Dresden

    The Dresden Files

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with a name worthy of a wizard. While his father was all stage magic, Harry was the real deal – spells, staff, and all. It's something that would have probably amused his father, if he weren't already dead by the time Harry manifested his powers. Still, foster father Justin DuMorne wasn't all that bad. He was a pretty terrific guardian, actually, up until the point he tried to kill Harry.

Living… in Chicago, in a basement apartment with his cat and talking skull. It's not exactly an arrangement that makes his landlady happy, what with the weird noises and occasional zombie attacks, but Harry hasn't been thrown out yet. Yet.

Profession… private detective and wizard. As far as Harry knows, he's the only one in Chicago with the job, so the Chicago Police Department often consults him for their trickier cases. CPD might deny the existence of magic, but when trouble comes to call, Special Investigations knows which number to call.

Interests… girls, helping others, and Star Wars. Unlike most of his fellow Latin-mumbling, PhD-touting wizards, Harry is a man of simple tastes: a good beer, an action flick, and a lack of people trying to kill him are all this wizard needs to be happy.  

Relationship Status… single – well, sort of. Everyone else seems to think Harry and Karrin Murphy, the Lieutenant in charge of SI, have something going on, but their relationship is purely platonic. Even if she is really, really cute.

Challenge… staying alive. And boy, is that ever a struggle – years of dealing with supernatural creatures and dark wizards have left Harry with quite a few enemies. As a result, he's become properly wary – after all, "just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."

Personality… loyal, determined, and unerringly sarcastic. Harry's been called a smartass by more than one enemy, and he doesn't deny it. Still, for all his pop culture references and bad jokes, Harry isn't someone to be trifled with: he might not know much about Latin or calculus, but Harry's much smarter than he looks. And as he puts it, "That's the true power of a wizard. I know things."


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