Rachel Goldberg

Rachel Goldberg

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Los Angeles. She has her own home, but she spends so much time at work as a producer, that most of the time she just sleeps in a trailer on set.

Profession… reality TV producer. Rachel is one of the best producers around, able to wring all the drama there is out of contestants on the competition dating show Everlasting. But, her skill comes at a cost. Rachel sees the emotional pain all the drama causes for the people involved and she feels conflicted about being the cause of it – so conflicted that she had a breakdown during the taping of last season’s finale. But, she’s back for the new season.

Interests… work, and trying to figure out how she feels about work. Really, Rachel would love to leave Everlasting and all the drama behind. But, she can’t help that she’s just so good at manipulating people.

Relationship Status… single. But she’s still harboring some feelings for her ex-boyfriend Jeremy, who is a camera operator on Everlasting. Rachel also feels some sparks with Adam, the “suitor” on this season of Everlasting, who’s supposed to pick his wife from the many contestants. Of course, Rachel can’t get involved with him, but the attraction is still undeniable…

Challenge… reconciling her marketable skills of manipulation with the destruction it brings into people’s lives. Rachel also struggles with psychological issues, and so she must battle her issues as she deals with the issues of everyone around her.

Personality… manipulative, brilliant, and troubled. Rachel is introspective and perceptive, always able to look at herself under the same microscope she uses for everyone else in her life. She is both cunning and guarded, usually hiding her true vulnerability under a tough façade.


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