Character Recommendations Based on Boyd Crowder

Cassie Sullivan The 5th Wave

Resilient, resourceful, and not quite as brave as she pretends to be

Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory

Brilliant in every way except, well, interacting with any human being

Edward Kenway Assassin's Creed Series

He can be reckless and greedy, but he's learning that his ancient ancestry carries a noble burden

Jake Adventure Time

Shape-shifting dog and the last man's best friend

Alice Kingsleigh Alice in Wonderland

It's a mad, mad world, but Alice has a surprisingly level head

Mike Wheeler Stranger Things

Loves Dungeons and Dragons, even after his real life starts imitating the game

Finn Adventure Time

The world's last human who's "all about" understanding right and wrong

Merlin Merlin

Half awkward teenager, half super-powerful wizard

Jonas The Giver

Curiosity and compassion aren't always to his advantage

Juliet Starling Lollipop Chainsaw

Cheerleader by day, gleefully unhinged zombie killer by night