Krusty The Clown

Krusty The Clown

    The Simpsons
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a devoutly Jewish community. His father was a rabbi, and Krusty’s real name is Herschel Krustofski.  His father doesn’t approve of his entertainment career, but that never stopped Krusty from pursuing his dreams. Little did he know that achieving his dreams would soon make him miserable.

Living… the life of a washed-up star. Too far in debt to actually retire, Krusty keeps coming back to the children’s show he hates. The worst part is that it’s the “Krusty the Clown Show,” where the whole thing revolves around him, staying in character, trying to enliven the heart of every kid in Springfield. Alas at this point, Krusty couldn’t be more cynical about his “mission.”

Profession… creator and star of the “Krusty the Clown Show,” as well as other celebrity appearances. By now he hates his act with a passion. Severely depressed in real life, it becomes more and difficult to keep up his act, so difficult that sometimes he drops it altogether to shout profanities at his prepubescent fans.

Interests… cigarettes. Grunting. Anything not involving children, laughter, or guest appearances. Krusty is tired of his life and his only interests are distractions from his life of celebrity and responsibility. Drug addiction is the least of his problems.

Relationship Status… married 15 times. Each one made him more miserable than the last. He usually marries someone working on his show; this might be why he now only hires male performers. Krusty has at least two children.

Challenge… keeping up the act. Krusty hides his serious problems under the guise of his clown costume and makeup, but his fuse is short. At any moment he can blow and drop the “happy clown” act altogether, spiraling into a violent rage or a mysterious disappearance from the public eye. Once Krusty faked his own death, only to be rediscovered by his greatest fan, Bart Simpson. In the end, Krusty may very well always have to be Krusty.

Personality… bored, depressed, and jaded. If his heart problems aren’t getting him down, it’s this week’s addiction keeping him in the dumps. It seems that there’s only one person who can bring him around and make him take pride in his identity: fourth-grader Bart Simpson. On countless occasions, Bart tells him that Krusty is his hero.


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