Avatar: The Last Airbender

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up…in a stifling family environment. The only child of the wealthy Beifongs, she would have had everything—but she was born blind. Her parents view her as a delicate flower that needs protecting, and they hide her away from the world.

Living… a secret life. Toph doesn’t need or want protecting – in fact, she learns earthbending (the ability to magically manipulate stone and dirt) from giant creatures called badgermoles. Now she’s on the road, having run away from home to help Avatar Aang and his friends defeat the evil Fire Nation.

Profession… earthbender. Completely unbeknownst to her parents, Toph competes in fighting championships as an earthbender, under the name The Blind Bandit. She’s the reigning champion of the area.

Interests… rebelling against her parents. Toph’s a rough and tumble kind of girl who doesn’t like conforming to the aristrocratic society she was born in. She’s often covered in dirt, and she’s just plain rude.

Relationship Status… single. Romance simply isn't a priority.

Challenge…escaping other people’s stereotypes, and teaching Aang earthbending so he can defeat the Fire Nation. Everyone tries to coddle Toph just because she’s blind, when in reality she’s perfectly capable. She can even sense people and buildings through vibrations in the ground. Her can-do attitude will help the team that’s assembled to fight the Fire Nation, but can a group of kids really fight an entire army of firebenders?

Personality… tough, blunt, and tricky. Toph is a little rough around the edges, and doesn’t hold back when she’s got something to say. Everyone treated her like a flower, but she’s more like a cactus. She’s got a sneaky sense of humor, often tricking people into saying stupid things. Although she’ll try to conceal it, she cares about doing the right thing – she’ll just never admit it out loud.


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