Metal Gear Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a child soldier. Raiden, or Jack, was part of a Small Boys Unit of Liberian child soldiers trained by the evil Solidus Snake. Raiden was especially adept at killing, earning nicknames like “Jack the Ripper” and “The White Devil.” 

Living... all over. As an employee of Maverick Security Consulting, Raiden travels the world offering protection to regions that need it. He is currently stationed in Africa.

Profession... cyborg mercenary. After the fall of the Patriots, evil A.I.s that had been secretly controlling the world, newly destabilized countries turned to private military companies for support. And as a powerful cyborg ninja, Raiden offers great services.

Interests... swordplay. Blades have always been Raiden’s weapon of choice, seeing as they are nobler than guns. Even when both of his arms were chopped off, he could still take on opponents by holding a sword in his mouth. Yes, he’s kind of a bad ass. As he says, “I am Lightning. The rain transformed.”

Relationship Status... married. Raiden was in a relationship with Rosemary for a while, but his emotional distance kept them from truly connecting. He wouldn’t even let her sleep in the same room as him. However, as Raiden got over his past traumas, their relationship flourished and they eventually got married and had a son.

Challenge... stopping Desperado. While toppling the Patriots was ultimately good for the freedom of the world, removing their regulations also allowed mercenary groups like Desperado to aid criminals without repercussions. But when they ruin a Maverick mission, Raiden decides to take them down.                                                                                    

Personality... self-hating. Raiden is deeply ashamed and traumatized over his past as a vicious child soldier. He isolates himself because he is afraid he will hurt people he loves. Only with the help of friends does he begin to value his own life. 


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