Master Chief (John-117)

Master Chief (John-117)


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the quiet planet of Eridanus II, where he was raised by his parents in Elysium City until he was six years old. At that point, he was designated as a rare child with the genetic markers suitable for the Spartan super soldier program. He was abducted by the government, replaced by a clone that would die of natural causes in short order, given the name John-117, and trained to become one of the universe’s deadliest killing machines.

Living… aboard the UNSC’s state of the art spacecraft, The Pillar of Autumn, drifting through deep space. The Master Chief is the last surviving Spartan-II super soldier, and just narrowly escaped the attack on Reach that killed every other member of the program.

Profession… SPARTAN-II commando. Trained from birth in combat, genetically and cybernetically augmented, and equipped with a suit of powered “MJOLNIR” armor, the Master Chief is one of the few humans that can do anything to stop the onslaught of the Covenant – an alien theocracy that is dedicated to the extermination of mankind.

Interests… the mission. Always the mission. The Master Chief has spent his life preparing for battle. The dehumanizing training of the Spartan-II Program has rendered him something more analogous to a war machine than to a regular human.

Relationship Status… single. John has spent the last several decades struggling to defeat the Covenant, and has had no time to build any significant relationships. His only friendships were with his fellow Spartans – all of whom were killed when the Covenant bombarded Reach, turning the surface of the planet to glass. Now, the Master Chief’s only consistent comrade is his Artificial Intelligence, Cortana.

Challenge… saving humanity. It’s a tall order: the Covenant Empire is vast, and has superior technology compared to the relatively primitive humans. As if one hostile alien force wasn’t enough, Chief also has to contend with the Flood – an ancient race of parasitic aliens that eradicate all life wherever they manage to gain a foothold. Outnumbered, outgunned, and outmaneuvered on all fronts, the Master Chief carries the slim hope of humanity’s continued survival on his armored shoulders.

Personality… professional, reserved, and determined. The Master Chief is quiet and stoic, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He doesn’t express any interest in anything outside of accomplishing his mission. While he has tremendous respect for the chain of command, he isn’t mindless, and on several occasions has disobeyed a direct order that conflicted with his conscience. He sometimes exhibits a wry sense of humor, but the covenant onslaught leaves little time for humor.


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