Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a beautiful apartment with her parents and three brothers in Manhattan, New York. Gwen lives a charmed life – she’s intelligent, beautiful, and blessed with a loving family. 

Living… a life filled with possibilities. Gwen’s natural aptitude for just about everything she does puts her in a position to go anywhere and do anything. Excited for the future, Gwen is just trying to enjoy the last of her time at home before she takes the world by storm.

Profession… high school student and intern at Oscorp, a scientific research corporation. She excels at both. Gwen is poised to graduate at the top of her high school class, and enjoys her extremely prestigious internship, which allows her to work with some of the most brilliant scientists in the world. 

Interests… science, history, math, literature – Gwen Stacy is a renaissance woman. While she has an interest in most things, her truest passion is biological science. 

Relationship status… dating Peter Parker. It’s still very early, but so far, it’s working out really great. They share a set of values, and are effortlessly able to make each other laugh. But there’s a lot more to Peter than meets the eye – when he’s not goofing around at school, he’s out on the streets as the superhero Spider-Man. And as cool as it might seem to date a superhero, it’s also dangerous, a fact that her father, a Captain at the New York City Police Department, is bound to eventually sniff out. 

Challenge… helping Spider-Man fight The Lizard. As it becomes increasingly apparent that the Lizard poses a threat to the entire city of New York, Gwen’s natural sense of heroism forces her to get involved. Most people would leave the heavy lifting to Spiderman, but Gwen isn’t content to be some damsel in distress, and seeks to use her insider knowledge of Oscorp to help Spider-Man fight his new and extremely dangerous nemesis.

Personality… kind, responsible, and quick with a joke, it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking Gwen Stacey. While she likes to have fun and keep things light, she has inherited her father’s unshakable sense of duty – when lives are on the line, Gwen is willing to risk everything to do the right thing.


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