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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… member of a rare species of sentient tree-men. Technically, Groot is a Floral Colossus. While most Floral Colossi never venture from their home world, Groot travels the galaxy with his best friend and mercenary partner, Rocket Raccoon. While the two usually limit themselves to petty bounties and other light mercenary work, their latest caper has them in over their heads – racing to keep a relic out of the hands of the genocidal alien fanatic Ronan the Accuser. The odds are against them, but they aren’t alone. Groot and Rocket are joined by several other “Guardians of the Galaxy,” including the womanizing outlaw Peter Quill, the deadly assassin Gamora, and the vengeful brute Drax the Destroyer.

Personality… sweet and loyal. It’s hard to fully understand Groot’s personality because, as his friend Rocket Raccoon explains, “His vocabulistics are limited to three words: I, am, and Groot.” This doesn’t highlight any mental deficiency on Groot’s part; his species just has a stiff larynx that prevents them from making other sounds, leaving Rocket as the only person (or thing) that can truly understand Groot. While he’s not the most verbose hero, Groot still finds ways to express himself, giving flowers to little girls and going out of his way to be helpful. Sometimes Groot can make things worse rather than better, but compared to the sour and sarcastic attitudes of some of his fellow Guardians, Groot is a ray of decency and compassion.


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