The Chronicles of Narnia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in all the worlds that exist. He might not appear as a lion, but rest assured that Aslan is present, and he is a magnificent force of good. His home world is Aslan’s Country, beyond the rising sun at the eastern edge of Narnia.

Visiting… Narnia, a world of his creation, which – thanks to the White Witch – is now in eternal winter. It’s been a long time since Aslan was last seen in Narnia, but the Narnians expect he will return as prophesized.

Profession… creator (he sang Narnia into existence) and one true king. He is a god with many countries and people to take care of, and his form as the Lion known as Aslan is only one of his many incarnations.

Interests… unknown. Aslan seems to be incredibly busy taking care of all those countries, and he only ever appears when he is needed. We can only guess what he does on his off hours – if he gets any time off at all.

Relationship Status… single. The love Aslan feels for other creatures is very fatherly and benevolent, and it is unclear if he is capable of romance. Certainly, there are few creatures that would be his match anyways.

Challenge… governing, setting everything to rights, and guiding people on their paths. But is anything a challenge for Aslan? While it may be initially difficult to understand his actions, in the end, the Lion always knows exactly what he’s doing and simply works in mysterious ways.

Personality… wise, powerful, and good. The Lion is the embodiment of everything good and just, and with him at their helm, the Narnians have little to fear from anyone, even the White Witch. As the old saying goes: “Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,/ At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more.”


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