The Walking Dead (Video Game)

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in a Georgia suburb. Before the end of the world, Clementine was a typical eight-year-old girl living with her parents in a quiet suburban home.    

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. A mysterious plague has turned the world into a zombie-filled wasteland. For Clementine, every day is now just another struggle to collect supplies, find other survivors, and simply stay alive.

Profession... student. Clementine was in first grade when her education was tragically cut short. However, she is mature and intelligent for her age.

Interests… exploring. Like many kids, Clementine is curious about the world around her. Whether it’s finding a baby raccoon in her treehouse or playing with other surviving kids on a farm safe house.  

Relationship Status... surrogate daughter. Clementine initially has faith that her parents are alive in Savannah. But as her hope fades, she begins to treat Lee Everett, who has been protecting her throughout the zombie outbreak, as her new father figure.  

Challenge... staying alive. A world full of zombies is scary and deadly for most adults, and Clementine is just a little girl. But with Lee’s help, she must grow into the kind of person capable of surviving in such a harsh and dangerous new reality. That means dealing with zombies and desperate humans alike, and she recognizes this: “There are people out there who are scared. Who don’t know what to do.”

Personality... innocent. Although the loss of everything she has ever known has definitely made her more jaded, Clementine is still just an innocent child. All the adults in her new life just hope that the violence and moral ugliness surrounding her won’t prevent her from growing into a good person.


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